GLASSOR operates as a principal trading entity involved in the purchase, sale, storage, processing, mixing and shipping of biodiesel and waste oils in the European/international markets. We are committed to addressing the ever increasing need for affordable and clean sources of energy in the world. We partner with our customers to supply sustainable biodiesel and other products through a diverse market chain in the biodiesel, energy and chemical markets.

GLASSOR is also active within the agricultural and pet-food sector.

Additionally, GLASSOR. offers tailor made solutions for each of our customers and suppliers. Another key to success is to have a wide variety of transportation solutions in order to adapt to the requirements and needs of our clients.
GLASSOR utilizes own fleet of tank cars and a network of truck services to provide competitive rates and meet the logistical and export needs of our customers.

The main goal of GLASSOR is to satisfy the needs of our business partners, to establish fair conditions and to deliver high-quality products.