GLASSOR strives to satisfy all customers´ needs when art crafting the glass Christmas ornaments. A special editions and shapes upon customer s´ request are made every year, thus making merry Christmas for everybody. Here are some examples of our custom made realizations, that we are approved to present on public.

The Chateu Mcely Easter collection was created for premium Czech resort Chateau Mcely *****. Collection was inspired by violet shades of lavender and elegant gold colour. The collection contains a selection of various sizes of Easter egg shaped ornaments with fine black and gold polka dots and handwritten words “Veselé Velikonoce” meaning “Happy Easter”.

Christmas star for Czech TV station – TV Barrandov. This pink glass star ornament was the used at the TV´s jingles of the 2014 Christmas season.

2191234-img-juraj-jakubisko-vanoceAn exclusive set of luxurious Christmas ornaments, called “Bathory” was made in 2014 in cooperation with world famous film director Juraj Jakubisko. Ornaments in this collection were richly decorated and the set contained six pieces of handmade glass baubles, 8 cm in diameter, designed by  Juraj Jakubisko himself.